Strive is a non-profit, social service organization dedicated to assisting and fostering the independence of young families pursuing an education through the provision of quality child care and other necessary supports.

Opportunities for young people who do not complete their secondary school education are very limited. By providing child care and other support we can help young parents have a better future for themselves and their children.



Program components offered by Strive through a multidisciplinary and school based approach include:

  • School based and outreach supports for educational attainment
  • Developmentally appropriate, high quality childcare
  • Trained staff, knowledgeable in the areas of parenting and child development

Family First


Strive maintains quality control through establishing guiding pricinciples and best practices for both parents and children.

These practices and principles include support for personal development such as job search help and providing referrals for legal, medical, housing, etc. We also give tips for parents to ensure they are "school ready" and have the information they need for a brighter future.

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